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WILD Horse Australia - Insect Repellent Horserugs -

At WILD Horse Australia we specialise in great fitting designs and quality horse rugs as well as our unique treatment ranges.

Introducing a brand new method of insect protection - Insect Repellent Horse Rugs.

Every year, millions of horses around Australia are affected by annoying insects and the diseases they carry. Finally, revolutionary new insect control technology is here to protect your horse from flies and other insects, registered by EPA.

We have spent many years researching and testing our exclusive INSECT REPELLENT RANGE and consider ourselves at the forefront of this amazing technology which allows us to produce Insect control horse rugs and fly masks that REPEL FLIES, MOSQUITOS, TICKS, SANDFLIES and FLEAS.

WILD Horse Australia has a new patent pending technology that can protect your horse from those annoying and potentially dangerous insects. WILD Horse Australia Insect Repellent Horse Rugs and Fly Masks are specially designed to provide long lasting, effective and convenient insect protection for horses. We offer a large range of Horse Rug styles along with our award winning Flymask.

WILD Horse Australia Horse Rugs, Flymasks, and leg protectors combined with Insect Repellent Technology have proven results for horses who are annoyed by insects or Queensland Itch.

View our Insect Control Horse Rug Range

WILD Horse Australia - Vitality Treatment Horserugs

Another treatment range we offer is our Far Infrared VITALITY TREATMENT RANGE. WILD Horse Australia Vitality Treatment Horse Rug Range is specially designed to improve and maintain good health. Technology has once again enabled us to go one step further to add a specialised Far Infrared treatment therapy to our quality horse rugs, to help assist with health and vitality for the care of our horses.

Benefits can include increased circulation and cell regeneration, relief of soreness, swelling, aches, sprains, other soft tissue injuries and assist in removing lactic acid buildup from muscles. Utilising nature for health.

Far Infrared Horse Rugs can be worn 24 hours a day to maintain and enhance good health.

View our Vitality Treatment Horse Rug Range

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The advantages of WILD Horse Australia Horserugs

Our general range offers advanced benefits to both you and your horse, like Anti-bacterial treated linings, UV protection and the highest available ratings in breathability and waterproofing along with our award winning designs and easy on/off methods.



Here at WILD Horse Australia we value your comments. It is our promise to always see it from the horse’s point of view and you, their owners, know exactly what your horse needs. So speak up for your horse’s sake and help us to deliver the best rugs and horse products, which only get better!