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 birdie2.pngThis is my horse after being in a paddock with 50 head of cattle with ticks. We could not spray him with tick spray as he was very sensitive and did not like any sprays. We brought a WILD Horse Ripstop rug with attached hood which we had heard great things about and decided to give it a go. Within three weeks there were no more ticks, the hair had started to grow back and my boy was much happier and healthier in your rugs. I would like to say thank you for saving my boy. Bree


Website Product Review(Fly Veil)

best horse veil for thin skined face and irritated insect bites
These are the best horse masks wet 3days after wear. so happy with this product after going through so many other brands. It has a great structure which keeps the veil well away from her eyes and soft lining where the mask does sit on her face, nicely fitting so no insects or flies get in. Our little gelding is also benefiting from this veil, He kept getting little weeping lumps and bumps on his face and watering eyes, his face is now blemish free with no weeping what so ever. 100% happy with this product


Website Product Review(Fly Veil)

I have used both the 3 dart & 2 dart fly veils. I like both of them & so do the horses. The 3 dart has a better dome effect over the eyes, allowing more space for blinking. As we have millions of stable flies, the horses have to wear their veils everyday for at least 6 months. They last many seasons. The elastic under the chin is excellent, stopping the horses from losing it in the paddock. There is no chafing around the nose, ears or forehead. I have used numerous other brands & designs which last one season maximum & collapse or are worn out. These veils are the best I have ever used. Barb.   

 Website Product Review (Rug)

Purchased 2 rugs for my pony 4'6" the fit perfect and super for this time of the year march flies mosquitoes and other assorted flying bugs top marks for a perfectly made rug I have 4 horses and 12 WILD Horse rugs and 4 WILD Horse fly hats love them all they may be more costly but last for years thus I was so happy when pony rug was on special for 30% of normal price thank you WILD Horse. Carmen.


 I always feel for horses in paddocks being bombarded by flies, mossies and midges. 
More than most places in the world, Australian conditions make summers tough for our horses.
I am for anything I can do to protect them and keep them comfortable in the battle against biting insects. 

Wild Horse rugs, fly veils and fly masks are a safe and effective way of keeping your horse protected. 
They are a great idea for any horse.
  Dr. Robert Zammit B.V.Sc. (Syd. Uni)

 We refer all our clients to Wild Horse Australia when being called out to a horse that is being plagued by insects or has Qld Itch.  I use the Insect Control rugs on all my own horses and when I got my Quarterhorse mare, she had no mane or tail and her skin was very elephant-like.  The previous owners had used everything under the sun to no avail but once she was covered with her Wild Horse Rug with attached hood, the change like a miracle and her hair has now grown back and she is a very happy horse!!Dr Nigel Taylor B.V.Sc (University of Qld) , Village Veterinary Care Clinic, Logan Village, Qld.    
 My horse has always been one of those itchy horses - he would scratch himself senseless even removing skin.  Just over 5 years ago my horse developed chronic non-healing eye ulcers which turned out to be related to his allergies resulting in the need for eye surgery.  I have struggled every spring/summer to manage eyes (and coat), desperately trying to keep the flies, mosquitoes and midges off him.  This year I tried a 'Wild Horse Australia' fly mask and I was amazed. Within minutes there were literally no flies on him. Within days his puffy weepy eyes settled down - even the Veterinarian was impressed.   I have since purchased a mesh combo and I'm equally impressed.  I can’t recommend Wild Horse Australia Products more highly - for both the comfort of your horse and for your piece of mind. Dr Georgina Learmonth BSc PhD   
  I can honestly say that over the many years that I have been struggling to keep my itchy horses comfortable and looking great I think that I have tried every lotion, cream, shampoo, insect repellent and rug on the market! I have been desperate many times and have even resorted to selling my itchy horses to the colder Southern climates just to make the lives of my lovely horses happier.Initially I was a little sceptical about purchasing the 5 new rugs that I needed to protect our itchy horses, but now one year after I spent the money, I realise they are the best investment that I have ever made to assist in the on going battle to protect our itchy horses from the insect bites that can, if left un-treated, result in such hideous irritation, pain, frustration and weight loss.Thank you very much to the entire team at Wild Horse Australia.Zelie Bullen - Professional Animal Trainer.   
  I have a horse with a chronic allergy to mosquito and midge bites. So chronic he needed cortisone injections, daily and evening repellent spraying and night time stabling. His skin was so bad I couldn’t ride him all through summer. It was so devastating to see him like he was. 
I REJOICED when I found the Wildhorse Rugs. His life is SO much different now. It keeps the mossies completely under control even with the extra risk of  us living by the river with a huge population of mosquitos and midges.He is not getting bitten and in fact for the first time in a long time in summer, he has a beautiful mane and tail (normally they were all rubbed out by mid Dec). If you have a horse with a sensitivity to biting insects this is your solution.Tara King – Horse Owner
 We have been using Wild Horse rugs on our horses for some time now and have found that their unique design and cut fits any horse we put them on no matter what their size or shape. It is the ultimate ‘all round rug’ to protect our horses from annoying and biting insects during the summer. Why not buy your horses a Wild Horse Rug and see for yourself!
Sandi & David Simons

 Our horses are not stabled and run in large paddocks. We have a couple of the insect combos and one full hood. They are fantastic fitting rugs and the insect technology works. Our Qld itch sufferer has zero problems when she has her combo and hood in place. We have found these rugs are the best value for controlling itch in horses compared with oils etc. A fantastic product. Just ordered 2 more! Amanda 

  I would just like to say how happy I have been with using your product, Wild Horse Fly Mesh hooded rugs. We use them on all of our horses, we had in the past tried adding supplements such as Brewer's Yeast, Yellow Sulphur, garlic (all of which have their own problems in causing mineral unbalances in the horse in one way or another if too much is used) as well as potions and lotions, with little success.What I also like about the Wild Horse rugs is they have satin lining to crucial areas that mesh rugs seem to rub, especially the tail flap, mane and shoulder and also wither relief, I'd love to see also satin added from poll to the nose to protect the forelock from rubbing, we just currently stitch our own. The elasticized leg straps are great also allowing our horses to play without restriction. I would like to thank Wild Horse Australia for the invention of the insect repellent rug range. I have a 15.3h warmblood mare who has always had a bad reaction to mosquitos. I had tried EVERYTHING and resided to the fact I would never be able to compete her as she had hardly any hair left on her face and front legs. She would tear a summer rug to bits every 10-12 weeks from scratching on anything from trees, fencing or the side of her stable. I was hesitant on spending that sort of money on a summer rug because she does wreck them but she has had her rug and full fly mask for 3 weeks and I can confirm her hair on her face is growing back, there are no lumps on her neck and she is so much happier. I have since also bought the leg protectors and 2/3 of the lumps on her front legs have gone and the hair is growing back. I can't believe it has worked this quickly. Thank you so much!! Amanda 
I have spent many dollars on expensive rugs and spent more on other brands than I did on this one. I was very impressed with the quality and the fit this rug has. I can put this same rug on a few different horses of mine that are different in shape. Because of the quality in all the straps etc. it allows for adjustments to be made everywhere. Love that the neck rug zips off...that's a definate bonus! You get what you pay for rugs but you get even more with this one. This is such an awesome price for such a decent quality rug. Tahls   
The Wild Horse Mesh Fly Mask is the best of all the masks I have tried for fit, durability, wear and is extremely well made. My horse, an Appaloosa with party coloured skin, fine coat which does not adequately cover pink spots needs to be covered as much as possible daylight till dark - especially in summer when his coat is at its sparsest. This style of mask stays on. It is the third brand I have tried, the best so far and I do not hesitate in recommending it. Alayna   

This is a great fitting rug that is well made and has a valid purpose. Trudy 
Last year I purchased 3 of these at Equitana and my horses lived in them all summer. The bugs out west are bad and the horses LOVE the protection they get from these combos. They have held up with no issues from being worn in the paddock 24/7 for 5 months by all 3 of my boys who run together and I often catch biting at each others rugs. I often see the rugs covered in mosquitoes but never a bite under/through the rugs and you can see the lumps elsewhere when they do get bitten! Both my horses and I still love the rugs 2nd season round and when they do wear out I will certainly buy more! Thanks Wild Horse Australia. Josie, NSW   

We recently bought a 4'6" 'bug rug' (as we call them). One of our geldings had chronic itch but now he's happy, not nearly as cranky, hairs slowly growing back and his coat is glossy. At last peac for the old man. Lola 


My horses have been wearing their new Wild Horse Insect Shield rugs for only 24 hours and already there is not a bump or bite in sight! Even on our mare who suffers from horrible Qld itch. We just moved to North Qld and I have never seen the amount of bites on a horse before we put these rugs on. Very Highly Recommended! Bonnie Qld 
Until we discovered your rugs we were seriously thinking about parting with our two lovely Highland Ponies out of the itch area.  Very happy with the fly rugs. Itching has stopped & coat growing again - terrific result!  Katy  
I have purchased 3 of your rugs, WOW, I love them. I won’t purchase any other brand now but yours. Allison NSW  
Would like to say that my horse (a friesian) Saxton is so much more comfortable in the insect repellent rug, as I don't have to lather him in fly repellent cream, which leaves his coat very sticky. He always gets bothered by mosquitos and flies.  It is a very well made rug and the first one that has actually fit him without slipping down the side and you should be proud of the quality of it! Thanks once again. Wendy VIC   
Hi we are currently using your Insect repellent rugs on our horses and have found them to be wonderful and love that we are not showering our horses in chemical spraysTasch Qld  
Hi my name is Shae and I’m the secretary of a Polocrosse Club in the Northern Territory. We have been using your Insect Shield rugs on our horses for the last few months & now wouldn’t use anything else, they are fantastic as they let the horse breath as well. We were just using a normal white combo rug on them but found that they sweated to much & were still getting bitten. Shae NT   
I live in Queensland and love my mesh insect rug. We purchased the Repellent mesh with full hood including eyes covers. The rug continued to repel biting insects right throughout all that rain. The quality of the rugs are excellent and i will purchase another next season without hesitation. Danica Qld   
 Hi. I attended Rosewood Equine Expo last weekend. Purchased the Infrared rug for one of my horses. Have to say this is the best made and best fitting rug I have ever owned. My only regret was that I didn't buy another 10 to fit out all the horses here. Tanya Qld   
How awesome to meet someone who is so customer service orientated!   Just wanted to say thanks for sourcing the 6 foot Insect Repellent ripstop combo for the filly. You also showed me the Red Winter Rug, excellent design ideas. But as soon as the combo arrived, I went down and put it on the filly.  I was going through combos because she would still get bitten through them, so she would of course rub, and then the combos would get a tear in them and if you didn't take them off and get them fixed, they would be torn to shreds.   Then to add to the mix, there is her brother, who would tear the combo's up on the loin area during the mutual grooming process. The filly stopped rubbing within a week of the rug going on, I didn't put the mask on her and what a huge surprise she also stopped rubbing her forelock area and other parts of her face. Due to the quality of the ripstop, her brother hasn't succeeded in tearing it. I am totally impressed with the rug, so much so, come the release of next season's insect repellent combo's, I will be getting one for her brother. Thanking you again for all your help. Wendy Qld   
Hello, I purchased a winter combo rug for my standard bred mare in the autumn, and have found it to be perfect. Thank you. Lisa, Mt Tamborine   
I would be very pleased if you used my comments on your horse rugs for the marketing testimonial, as I know they are the best on the market. Superior! I look forward to seeing your new range. have a lovely day, Leonie VIC   
I saw & bought a Snug Zip Combo at the Qld Dressage Festival in July - fell in love with lots of things but mostly the potential for an excellent fit. I spent Sunday sorting rugs - only 2 out of 12 'measured true'. The new Wild Horse & an old canvas Eureka. I will be sure to let you know if the fit lives up to my expectations and looking at the cut compared to my others, I'm sure it will -  especially around the neck, which will stop the rug 'dragging off the rump".  Many more poorly fitting rugs now tagged for our clearing sale & hopefully I will be replacing them with Wild Horse. Thank you. Sonia Qld   
Just wanted to say that your rug has been GREAT!  I have had it on Evie since the day I got it.  Even when she rolls it has stood up to the test and never jammed the zip or slipped or anything.  It fits her the best of any rugs and she has no rub marks anywhere.  She is a happy girl and it is so easy to just take the neck rug off when it is a little warmer rather than taking the whole thing off and replacing with a lighter rug.  I am wishing my other horse had one!  I have to take off his combo to put on the regular rug, which is a pain.  She is warm and dry, even after heavy rain, as we have had a lot of rain lately so it has been put to the test there too. I am very happy with the rug and will definitely buy another in the future!  Thanks again.  Jodie   
Hey Wild Horse Australia ........Got rug fits like a glove. Tiffany   
I cannot believe the difference, I purchased your mesh rug for one of our horses mainly because I thought the quality looked good and I liked how it had some better safety options than the other brands, I truly didn’t think it would really work as an insect repellent. We have a real tick problem in our area and I have had to spray our horses every few days to keep the grass ticks at bay,  that caused irritating lumps, after putting your rug on our mare they all dropped off and have stayed off!
We have now purchased three more of your rugs, we love the fit, it saves us time and money on those sprays so I am happy and so are our horses they seem calmer and happier, thankyou Wild Horse.  Paul, Tallebudgera, Qld 
I purchased 9 months ago a red & black rug with logo "Wild Horse Wear Australia" - Love the fit etc of this rug on young arab mare - do you have a catalogue or website I can view your other products please?  Carolyn, Windsor NSW  
great product, to those who are not currently aware of the excellent quality and realistic cost!! Can't wait to see your new range - have been holding off buying new winter rug until then - my red/black is fantastic  Sue, Raymond Terrace  
I just tried on the rug on my mare. It fits her so well! I am really pleased. All her other rugs (old ones she came with) rub around her shoulder, but this one is cut so well around the shoulder I am sure it wont! I am really happy - it fits soooo good without the hood, and with the hood too! I love your logo on it too it looks great! It feels great quality. Hope your rugs sell really well. Initially I didn't like the red (wanted purple for my girl), but it looks really dashing on. Plus, we barrack for Essendon lol! Hmm wish I didnt just get a weatherbeeta for Champ I like these better! Thanks so much I am really happy with the rug and it will make it so much easier to just put the neckrug on at night. I didn't leave it on her because I want to get photos of her before she rolls in it (you know horses lol!)  
Hi there Wild Horse Australia,
Just wanted to say that your rug has been GREAT! I have had it on my horse since the day I got it. Even when she rolls it has stood up to the test and never jammed the zip or slipped or anything. It fits her the best of any rugs and she has no rub marks anywhere. She is a happy girl and it is so easy to just take the neck rug off when it is a little warmer rather than taking the whole thing off and replacing with a lighter rug. I am wishing my other horse had one! I have to take off his combo to put on the regular rug, which is a pain. She is warm and dry, even after heavy rain, as we have had a lot of rain lately so it has been put to the test there too.
I am very happy with the rug and will definately buy another in the future! Thanks again,  Jodie.
Well, looking at this rug, I think it is similar to Weatherbeeta, but with an extra feature. Of course, people buy the brand name. But because it is 1200D and not 600D, that is better quality. It looks a well put together rug. It sits nicely on the horse pictured shoulder instead of sagging down and causing restriction like some (as you can see I have really researched rugs! So there is a pat on the back that I bought yours already). So, Weatherbeeta combo goes for $259 or something like that, but doesnt have zip off neck, so is restrictive in that sense but of course a good rug. I now not only love the style and fit of your rug better I love your price too! Angeline, Sandfly  
Hi Wild Horse Australia, We hope this email finds you, I guess I won't know unless I receive a reply hey. We have attempted to source your goods as we would like to be able to make some purchases, but, to this point in time we have been unable to. We would like to know if you are still manufacturing Rugs and if so do you have any for sale at the moment. We sincerely hope so as the product is the best we have ever encountered. We would appreciate a reply, that is if you do receive this message, one way or the other as we could then decide on our next course of action. Hope you are keeping well, Kind Regards, Paul and Leonie, Swan Hill  

My horses & I love your rugs, flymasks & leg wraps. Thanks for such fantastic products!! Amanda

 Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how amazing the rug is! 3 weeks ago I ordered one as my boy was bleeding from bites and scratching on anything to get relief... He lost the shine on his coat and he was depressed... I got the rug and he had it on for a week then I moved paddocks, it's now been 3 weeks and I have my boy back, he had not one bite in him and he is his happy cherry self today. I bought a mask this week and put it on today haha and although he is sulking at the moment I know the relief will be awesome for him. Thanks so much again, I must also had that when I purchased your rug I had a few people who said they were shit and that it's a scam and doesn't work... But my boy is back and no mozzie bites on him and the shine is awesome.. So he is happy and that's all I care about. Debbie  
I love my wild horse rug bought a thin skinned ott home insects drove him nuts. Diff horse with these rugs. And the bonus they fit so well. Kim  
 I have just received Billy's new fly veil. He loves it and thank you girls for the no fuss change over. Yours will be the only fly veils I will ever buy from now on! Sue  
 These rugs seem to give instant relief to itchy horses.. My Gypsy vanner mare has stopped 90% of her itching within a few days of wearing this rug. Ill be a repeat customer for all my horse and dog rug needs. Highly recommend. Ash  
 Love my Wild Horse fly veils and my horses have never been more comfortable. Thank you also for fabulous Customer support and service. Kate  

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news.gif've ever bought, my filly has very thin skin on her white face and previous masks always rubbed and made her bald around her eye and halfway down to her nose, since getting wild horse veils we noticed her fur starting to grow back in jus

We were excited to receive two new designs of rugs - Our Duo Combo and Rug with attached hood and ears and our Super Strength Mesh in Combo and Rug/Hood. The Duo is a combination is Ripstop for the durability you need for tough horses and Mesh for coolness. While most horses love our Cool Light Weight Mesh, some do need the extra durability so our New Super Strength Mesh would be the one for them.rug-with-attached-hood-and-ears.pngcombo1.png