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WILD Horse Australia - Customer Comments

10th January, 2018

The flys are really bad here this year, but my 2 itchy boys are absolutely fine in your rugs! My 2 usually 'non itchy' boys who are rugged but in cheaper rugs for budget purposes, are unfortunately suffering and therefore have to have their own Wildhorse rugs now.

Thank you doing the Duo - it will really make a difference on the very hot days, and I'm not keen on mesh (due to history with rain scald with other brand mesh rugs, which is silly as I haven't tried yours yet - but cant bring myself to buy one!)

I also meant to say that your fly veils are wonderful - XFull is a proper warmblood size and is well clear of their eyes - I haven't been able to find any others big enough on the market. I love the fact that you are constantly improving everything - like the ears on the veils moving to a thicker grey mesh from the thinner black mesh. Well done and thanks so much.

Best regards

Mel, Cooran, Qld