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WILD Horse Australia - Our Technology


 Insect Repellent technology is the most exciting thing to happen in Australian horsewear. WILD Horse Australia incorporates this technology into their Horse Rugs, Flymasks and other horsewear products.

Finally a highly effective and convenient form of insect protection for your horse -
Rugs & Flymasks Impregnated with Insect Repellent

  • A revolutionary defense in the battle against bugs. The patent-pending process and proprietary formulation bonds permethrin (a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum plants ) so tightly to the fabric’s fibres that the repellency lasts the expected lifetime of the product.
  • Extensively tested and proven very successful, for its effectiveness in repelling a variety of disease carrying insects
  • Technology is odourless and colourless, unlike other products which can affect your horses sensitive sense of smell.
  • It is the same process used for field clothing by the Military Forces to repel insects
  • EPA registered
  • Has the benefit of being near your horse’s skin, instead of on it
  • It is appropriate for horses of all ages
  • Converts rugs into long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection

Exciting innovation in bug repellency and performance horsewear. It is a great alternative to messy creams and sprays that need to be constantly re-applied and readily wash off in streams.

A preferred protection method because the Permethrin is IN your horsewear, not on your horses skin. Tested & Proven.


Our great designs and treatments work so well together as a team