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WILD Horse Australia - Rug Care

Mud, dirt, hair and dust are inevitable around horses, so here are a few simple ideas to help extend the life of your horse rugs and keep them in top shape.

Summer Rugs

These can be hand washed or machine washed (gentle cycle) in cold water with a mild detergent. A good wool wash is ideal. Ensure rugs are thoroughly rinsed out and then line dry. Do not iron, tumble dry or dry clean.

Winter Rugs

To remove any excess mud and dirt, hang on a washing line or fence and rub over using a soft brush and hose. Do not use a high pressure hose as this can ruin any treatments that have been used on the materials in the rug. Hand wash or very gentle machine wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Harsh detergents will reduce the effectiveness of any waterproof treatments in the rug. Do not iron, tumble dry or dry clean.


When rugs are clean and completely dry, store in an enclosed area, away from any feed and moisture. Plastic storage bins can work well for this.




A rug that is too big around the neck is more likely to cause rubbing than one that is too small. It places additional pressure on the shoulders and increases the chance of the rug slipping. The neckline of the rug should sit in line with the horse’s shoulder.