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WILD Horse Australia - Our Symbols



Any product with this symbol contains ceramic impregnated fibres that absorb ambient far-infrared rays and then radiate this natural energy back into the body's tissues, promoting and improving blood circulation and cell heath.



Any product with this symbol utilises the Insect Shield® Patent-Pending process to bond Permethrin to the fabric, for optimum protection from disease carrying insects.


horserugs australia bacterial  

Any product with this symbol contains lining that has been treated with our specialised Antibacterial process. This helps control the germ levels that breed inside your horserug that can cause odour and keeps the area closest to your horses skin free from harmful bacteria.


We source and blend the highest quality raw materials, to make sure the end product is the best available on the market.


strong double lock  

Two patterns of tough ripstop thread is embedded in the material to improve the durability and tear-resistance of your rug. We ensure the strongest thread count per weight and we vary our thickness levels according to climate and season.



Our waterproofing provides the highest level of waterproof performance recommended for the quality fabrics that we use. We use finer detail for stitching and special overlap of joins prior to heat sealing all areas around the seams.


taped seams  

Taped seams ensure maximum water tightness and stops water leakage through needle holes, which occur along seams. They also help to reduce rubbing on your horse around these areas.


Higher breathability  

We match our breathability ratings to our waterproof levels. It is important that your horse's skin can breath and excess moisture can be reabsorbed through the fabric to avoid your horse overheating. We treat our outer fabrics to enable them to draw moisture away from your horse and to pass through the layers of your rug to the air.


High Airflow  

Some of our rugs are made especially from fabrics that are designed to offer higher ventilation through the fabric weave, such as the Soft Double Lock Mesh. Great for Summer.


belly straps  

Belly straps are an feature that ensures your horse’s rug has an even more secure fit. O-Rings are also used to enhance the clip security.


Generous Drop  

We offer generous drops on all our rug designs for further protection of your horse. This includes a the tail flap area.


Hood Poll Strap  

Poll straps help to hold the hood in place and help to prevent slippage over your horses head. We design our poll straps with elastic for both comfort and safety. We do not use hard or thick velcro which can cause irritation behind the jaw. Your elastic piece not only provides comfort it also creates a break point for safety.


Satin Shoulders  

Our satin lining extends over the neck and includes the inside top of the shoulder dart. We do not use fabric blends that are known to cause overheating or irritation.


Satin Mane  

We include satin lining right along the inside of the neck section. This alleviates mane rubbing and irritation.




At WILD Horse Australia we research and produce the latest technology in fabrics for your horse, including Insect Repellent, Vitality Far Infrared, Nanobon, UV protection & Anti bacterial. Specialised fabrics that work with your horse not against them.


Vitality Rug

WILD Horse Australia Vitality Treatment Range is specially designed to improve and maintain good health. Can assist with soreness, aches & pains, removal of lactic acid buildup and circulation. Utilizing nature for health.