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At WILD Horse Australia we are a group of dedicated experienced horse loving people that want the best for our horses. We pride ourselves in high quality products and unique designs that work for horses.


Check your product


Our products are guaranteed to arrive to you without defect and we ask you to fully check your purchase before placing on your horse. Please carefully check for quality issues, for example, missed stitching and make sure you are highly satisfied with the quality and that your product has no faults or manufacturing weaknesses which may decrease the lifetime or strength of the product. If there is a manufacturing fault, we will happily replace, but if the product has been worn by your horse, we cannot guarantee against horse damage. If your horse damages a rug or another item during use, it is not considered a defect. Horses are strong animals and we cannot guarantee our products will last over any set period of time - rugs and other items can just as easily be destroyed in the first hour of use as they can be 18 months later. We try our best to make the highest quality products with triple lock backlines, strong fittings and buckles, along with extra strength fabric options to offer our customers the highest quality possible.


We suggest you carefully check the following:
• Check the entire outer binding of the rug to insure all binding is stitched correctly.
• Check shoulder gusset for stitching
• Check the tail flap attachment and stitching.
• Check the rear seam along the back line for stitching
• Check the neck straps & chest straps.
• Check the stitching where belly surcingles are attached
• Check the stitching where leg straps are attached
• Check the fabric used in the rug construction.


Defective Items


If an item is faulty before use we will happily replace it. Thoroughly check the product before putting on your horse to see if anything is faulty. If there are any problems, please return product in new/unused condition within 7 days for a refund.


If you have any issues or enquiries about faults in our rugs, please email us some detailed pictures of the fault so we can validate and arrange a replacement.


Horse Rug Warranty


We cannot guarantee our products will last any specific amount of time as horses are unpredictable –horses are horses and no product can be guaranteed against their strength, rugs and other items can just as easily be destroyed in the first hour of use as they can be 18 months later. We try our best to make the highest quality products with triple lock backlines, strong fittings and buckles, along with extra strength fabric options to offer our customers the highest quality possible.


 You are guaranteed that the goods you buy:


1) Are of acceptable quality (hence we ask you to check your products very carefully before use)


2) Match the description, sample or demonstration model you were shown.


3) Fit for a specific purpose.


It is only a matter of time before a horse rug gets damaged. We try very hard to ensure we make rugs that are of high quality, with strong fabrics and fittings to ensure they have the best chance of standing up to the stresses and pressures that horses can force upon them.


No rug will stand up to any horse. Rugs will get damaged and torn from snagging, biting, fencing, rolling, ill-fitting rug etc - the list of possibilities are endless. We will not honor replacements for any item that has been destroyed from misadventure.


Some horses are easy on rugs, others will destroy rugs in seconds. You need to consider your horse’s temperament and the environment you will be keeping him in to ensure the rug you have purchased will be suitable for him. Cool fabric such as light weight Mesh rugs will not stand up to a rug wrecker as they are easily susceptible to damage compared to higher strength rugs like Poly/cotton Ripstop rugs and heavier weighted Mesh.




What happens if you brought the wrong size?


We are happy to exchange an item but only if it is unused, clean and in original packaging. Postage costs to return the item to WILD Horse Australia is the buyer’s responsibility. Likewise the postage cost of the replacement item to be dispatched is also the buyer’s responsibility and we will require collection of the postal fee before shipping out the replacement item. To avoid this issue, if you are unsure of how to measure sizes, we are more than willing to help - don’t be afraid to ask.


Items that are being returned must be hair and dirt free and in the same condition you received them. We are unable to accept any items back if they are dirty or damaged by your horse. For horse rugs, we suggest you try them on over an old sheet or horse rug to prevent them getting covered in hair and stained.


What if you were sent the incorrect item?


If a mistake has been made on our behalf, we are very sorry for your inconvenience. Please contact us immediately on 02 6676 1717 or email us at admin@wildhorseaustralia.com so we can arrange a replacement at our expense. Items will not be accepted if they have been used or been modified in any way.


Returning Soiled Items


If you are returning items for strength tests or for other reasons, please make sure the item is clean and sanitary before sending it back. If the item is not sanitary, we will not be able to review the issue with the product. Please use common courtesy when returning items for exchange or credit. To avoid disappointment, please ensure all items are clean (free of dirt and hair).


Return Process


Our WILD Horse Australia Distribution Center is closed to the general public and we do not permit customers on site at our Warehouse to exchange rugs as our insurance does not allow this.


All goods must be returned to us with:
• Original condition & original packaging along with all tags etc.
• Goods must be 100% clean and hair free.
• You notify us of the need for an exchange or return by phoning or emailing the office.
• You return with copy of the invoice/receipt.


Returns address


WILD Horse Australia


PO Box 658


Coolangatta QLD 4225




Sizing & Design


A consistent design is used across all our different styles of rugs. As an example, if you purchase a Ripstop Combo, you can be assured that if you purchase a similar size in another style of rug, it will use the same design cut and sizing. All our designs undergo extensive field testing before production. Our designs reflect many years of extensive research and trialing our designs to see which is best suited to the majority of horses. We are always looking for ways to improve our rugs and other products, and are always correcting and tweaking designs. If you have any feedback on any of our product please let us know by sending it to admin@wildhorseaustralia.com




What happens if your horse gets rub marks?


Rub marks can be caused by a wide variety of issues out of our control. Our products are designed to eliminate as much rubbing as possible. Getting a good match between horse and size will help ensure that you won’t have any problems. If your horse is getting rub marks, it is usually because something is wrong with the sizing that has been chosen or your horse has features that are outside of the ‘norm’. Our products do allow for extended amounts of adjustability to try to cover all horse shapes and sizes but we cannot guarantee to fit all.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to guarantee you are satisfied with the quality and fitness of purpose of the products you have purchased before using them. If you are not happy with the fit or sizing when first trying it, please arrange an exchange or credit of the item. We will not honor replacements or credits for any item that has been used and is no longer able to be returned to stock.